Saturday, September 26, 2009


A little over a month ago, I began sharing various videos from You Tube on my Facebook page.  I received positive comments (mostly) from my friends, so began offering this as a daily feature.  After the first week, daily themes began to develop.  These are as follows:
  • Spiritual Sundays - songs of a spiritual nature.
  • Covers Monday - since everyone hates getting out from under the covers on Monday, I decided to feature covers of songs made famous by others.
  • Traditional Tuesdays - songs that are either traditional or were influenced by traditional styles.  These influences could be from a variety of traditional genres including the blues, Celtic, English folk music, Zydeco, and ect.
  • Wednesdays - no specific theme exists for this day.
  • TV Thursdays - songs that have been featured as TV themes or themes to TV commercials.
  • Fun Fridays - the wacky, strange, and unusual.
  • Saturdays - like Wednesdays, anything goes
Because the character governor in Facebook did not allow me to post my my complete comments on the music I had chosen, I have decided to create this blog to allow me to expound more fully on the findings.

If you happen to stumble upon this blog, my hope is that  you will enjoy the music I have rediscovered and recently discovered.

Since some may wonder what expertise I have in this area, I will state that I have 20 years experience as a radio programmer; play about a dozen musical instruments (adequately - I'm no virtuoso); played in bands; worked as a session musician; placed among the winners in five national "pick the hits" competitions; and have been awarded 7 platinum albums, 3 gold albums, 1 platinum single, 3 gold singles, and an international sales award from various record companies for contributing to the success of these recordings.  While none of this really qualifies me for anything, I hope it will provide a perspective on the music that you will appreciate.

Enjoy - Jim Owston.