Friday, December 17, 2010

The Staple Singers: This May Be The Last Time

Our Friday First tune is not an exact original of a later hit, but it was an influence on a Rolling Stones song that charted 10 years later. In 1955, the Staple Singers recorded the gospel tune “This May be the Last Time” for Vee Jay records. The family band at that time included Roebuck Staples’ son Pervis who did not perform with the band when they had some of their bigger hits.

The Rolling Stones – The Last Time

While it is totally different song with a different message, Keith Richards admitted that the Stones were influenced by the Staple Singers’ “This May be the Last Time” when he and Mick Jagger penned their hit song. In fact, the chorus uses the same lyric: “This may be the last time – I don’t know.”

While it was a number one record in several European countries, “The Last Time” only peaked at #9 in the US. The accompanying video from 1965 which is an actual live recording and not lip-synched shows how tight the band was during these years. Brian Jones is playing the riff and the rhythm on his Vox Mark IV guitar, while Keith Richards handles the lead guitar on his Gibson Firebird.

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