Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Eagles: Doolin' Dalton / Outlaw Man

I will have to apologize for being missing in action this week. This was an extremely busy week at work and home and some things, like this blog, got put on hold. I hope that I am able to dedicate some more time in the forthcoming week as my 500th post is coming up in a few days. This is an extremely late post for a Saturday, but I am trying to get it in before the blog turns into a pumpkin at midnight.

Today’s bubbling under hit is from The Eagles’ second album “Desperado.” It is the album version of the single “Outlaw Man” and is introduced by an instrumental version of “Doolin’ Dalton” – a song that is found in three different versions on the LP – as it is a concept album about the Dalton Gang.

The album featured two single releases – neither of which charted in the top 40 and the album charted at #41 on the Billboard Top 200 LP charts. While its success at the time of release was limited, “Desperado” sold enough copies to be certified as double platinum. “Outlaw Man” only made it two #59 on the singles charts and hence qualifies as our bubbling under hit.

“Doolin’ Dalton” features banjo work by Bernie Leadon and “Outlaw Man” is sung by Glen Frey who also plays the Wurlitzer Electric piano parts. “Outlaw Man” was written by folk musician David Blue who also recorded for Asylum Records at the time. The first band I saw in concert was Poco and opening up the show was David Blue who was accompanied by future Eagle Don Felder.

Felder, who was not part of the band when “Desperado” was recorded, would later sue the band and Don Henley and Glen Frey individually for a host of infringements. Henley and Frey counter sued over the publication of his tell all autobiography: Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974–2001). The two suits were consolidated and settled out of court.

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