Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rolling Stones: Lady Jane

It’s once again time for another Friday Flipside and today’s selection was the “B” portion of a double sided hit for the Rolling Stones. While the “A” side, “Mother’s Little Helper,” a song about dependence, peaked at #8, “Lady Jane” went to 24 on the American charts. I would venture to say that you will probably hear the latter on oldies stations more than you would the former.

As the accompanying TV clip from the Ed Sullivan Show indicates, Brian Jones is playing an electric Appalachian dulcimer while Charlie Watts adds glockenspiel. Both give the song its unique sound.

Stereo Studio Version

Contrary to popular belief that the song deals with the wives of Henry VIII or Lady Jane Grey, it does not. “Lady Jane” appears on the 1966 LP “Aftermath”

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