Monday, October 3, 2011

Blackfoot: Highway Song

It’s a Monday and I need a little jumpstart to get the week off and going. So, I am going back to 1979 to the third album by Blackfoot – “Strikes.” It is one of their best albums from this Southern Rock quartet that was named in honor of the Native American heritage of three of the bands members; however, none were from tribes that were part of the Blackfoot Confederation.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Ricky Medlocke is part Sioux, bassist Greg T. Walker is of Eastern Creek heritage, and drummer Jakson Spires is part Cherokee. “Strikes” charted on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart at 42 and produced the bands only two Top 40 singles: “Highway Song” at #26 and “Train Train,” which barely made the Top 40 at #38.

It’s a really good album and one of my favorite tracks, next to “Highway Song,” is their rendition of Free’s “Wishing Well.” Have a good Monday.

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