Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Des Horsfall's Kuschty Rye: Long Long Time

Today’s Wooden Wednesday feature is a new one for me this week that my brother Chuck passed on to me earlier in the week. Des Horsfall was looking to create a new sound and he stumbled upon a very pleasing old sound that was inspired by the late Ronnie Lane. Lane, who left us in 1997, was the bassist for the Small Faces and the Faces and fronted his own band Slim Chance. Lane also collaborated with Pete Townshend as well as others during his short musical journey.

Des Horsfall decided to create a trilogy of albums based on Lane’s Slim Chance recordings to which he named the project “Kuschty Rye,” which so happened to be the title of  the 1997 compilation album of  Lane's single releases.

Horsfall attempted to enlist many who had played with Ronnie as well as relying heavily on multi-instrumentalist Andy McKerlie for this recording. “The Good Gentleman’s Tonic” was released during the fall of 2011. Prior to its debut, Horsfall even had the opportunity to play the final mix for Pete Townshend -- who responded with a jubilant, “This is a killer record.....KILLER!”

I’ve liked what I’ve heard thus far, but I’ve been a fan of Ronnie Lane’s work for a long, long time and this album follows in Ronnie's footsteps.  Most of the songs on the CD were written by Horsfall including today’s feature cut “Long Long Time.”

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