Saturday, October 12, 2013

Initial 16: P.J. Soles (song)

It’s not very often that a two man band can make it to the big time, but Local H from Zion, Illinois did just that with a three album deal with Island Records from 1995-1998. In the band’s second iteration since 1999, Local H consisted of Brian St. Clair on drums and Scott Lucas, a founding member, on everything else. The future of Local H hangs in the balances, as St. Clair has announced that after this fall’s tour he intends to leave the band.

Today’s selection immortalizes actress P.J. Soles. She was often cast in “B” movies, but is best known for her movie roles in the original “Halloween” and “Stripes.” She had a knack for playing younger parts, but managed to pull it off. Her role of high school student Lynda Van Der Klok in “Halloween” was believable even though she was 10 years older than your typical high school senior.

Although she was a movie and TV staple for a couple of decades, you don’t see P.J. Soles much these days. Although she hasn’t really disappeared from the screen, it just seems like it – and that’s the reason that Scott Lucas laments,

“I think of P.J. Soles,
And wonder where you are –
I'll never see you anymore.
Where do you think they go?
All the fallen stars –
Heaven doesn’t know you like I do.”

Not only is the actress memorialized in the song, she also was honored in the 2004 CD title: “Whatever happened to P.J. Soles?” It’s an interesting concept and a unique song with a title using the initial “P.”

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