Monday, March 24, 2014

Geffen Records: In Your Eyes

Probably the best concert I’ve seen was Peter Gabriel and Genesis in November 1974 with the “Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” tour at Pittsburgh’s Syria Mosque. My appreciation of this show was compounded by a small hall, good seats, fantastic musicianship, and always great theatrics from their then lead singer Peter Gabriel. As we embark on day two of our look at Geffen Records, Peter Gabriel’s third North American single from his quintuple platinum album “So” is today’s feature.

As a medium-fast tempo ballad, “In Your Eyes” doesn’t have the edge of some of his previous hits such as “Shock the Monkey” and “Sledgehammer.” Near its fade, Youssou N'Dour sings a portion of “In Your Eyes’” lyrical content in the West African Wolof language.

“In Your Eyes” had two lives – the initial being its 1986 release when it charted at #26. Three years later, Gabriel’s masterpiece was reanimated by its appearance in Cameron Crowe’s “Say Anything . . .” While it was featured twice during the film, the iconic moment is where John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler is holding a boom box playing “In Your Eyes” outside of the window of Ione Skye’s character Diane Court.

With the popularity of the movie, WTG re-released the single in 1989 under license from Geffen. The second release nearly made it to the Top 40 by charting at #41.

“Say Anything . . .” Trailer

The boom box scene was also utilized in the trailer for “Say Anything . . .” Even those who haven’t seen the movie will be familiar with this scene which has often been copied in television.

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