Thursday, June 26, 2014

Amy Records: It's Alright

Adam Faith had two number one hits, eight additional Top 5 hits, one further Top 10 hit, and five other Top 15 hits. In total, Faith had a total of 22 Top 40 records; however, these figures are not for the United States, but rather Faith’s native UK.

In America, he only had two records to chart – both in 1965. “It’s Alright” peaked at #31 and its follow-up, “Talk about Love,” placed dismally at #97. Both records were issued on Amy Records and neither song, which were penned by Chris Andrews, charted in the UK.

Although a teen idol in his home country, he failed to be able to make this transition across the Atlantic Ocean. Faith was backed by The Roulettes on “It’s Alright” and it’s similarity to recordings featuring John Lennon and The Beatles and The Dave Clark Five may have helped get him his only American Top 40 hit. Since it charted in the 30s, I have selected it as our Thirty Something Thursday disc from Amy Records.

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