Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Live Long and Prosper Leonard Nimoy

On Friday, February 27, 2015, Leonard Nimoy was jettisoned out of the Enterprise into the unknown. Although Nimoy at times was in odds with his Spock persona, he came to embrace the “Star Trek” role for which he was best known. Outside of jamming on the Vulcan lyre with “space hippies,” Nimoy was a recording artist in his own right.

Although best known as a TV star on “Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible,” Nimoy was also a recording artist. It was not unusual for actors in the 1960s to also be bifurcated into the role as musical performers. Nimoy’s recording contract was with Dot Records, which was owned by Paramount – the parent company of Star Trek’s producers’ Paramount Television (formerly known as Desilu Productions).

While none of Nimoy’s recordings were big sellers, I’ve decided to feature his first single release: “A Visit to a Sad Planet” – a recitation (with lots of reverb) over an ethereal backing track. It was released on the 1967 album, “Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space.” The album outperformed the single by a considerable amount. The album peaked at #83, while the single only made it to #121.

Although his recording career took a back seat to his acting, it is interesting to hear this recording after all these years. We’ll miss Spock as well as his soul – Leonard Nimoy. Live long and prosper.

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