Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ain't That A Shame, Fats Domino Has Passed

Being busy today, I didn’t hear about Fats Domino’s passing until I returned to my office and saw a post by Rebekah Canada stating that October has been a “Lousy month.” Another great legend has been ushered off into eternity. “Ain’t that a Shame,” Fats Domino, 89, died of natural causes yesterday, October 24, 2017.

An innovator from the very beginning, Antoine Domino, was once called the “real king of rock ‘n roll” by Elvis Presley. In the 1950s, Domino was second only Presley in releasing a string of hits. When asked about this new “Rock ‘N Roll” sound in the 1950s that he helped to create, he stated that he’d been playing rhythm and blues for 15 years – which what rock ‘n roll really is.

His influence went far and wide, with “Ain’t that a Shame” being the first song John Lennon learned to play on the guitar. Paul McCartney later wrote “Lady Madonna” in the style of Fats Domino. Domino returned the favor by recording the tune, as well as “Lovely Rita” on his 1968 comeback LP “Fats is Back.”

“Ain’t that a Shame,” which was mistakenly credited as “Ain’t it a Shame” on the original Imperial Records’ releases was co-written by Domino and his long-time producer, Dave Bartholomew. It was a #1 R&B hit that crossed over to pop audiences and landed at the #10 position. Rolling Stone considered “Ain’t that a Shame” as one of the top recordings of the rock ‘n roll era.

We’ll miss you Fats – Rest in Peace.

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