Monday, February 22, 2010

Bonnie Raitt: Can't Find My Way Home

This Monday’s cover features Bonnie Raitt’s rendition of my favorite Blind Faith tune, “Can’t Find My Way Home.” This performance was taken from a live broadcast over Philadelphia’s WMMR radio on February 22, 1972. I didn’t plan this, but just noticed that this recording occurred 38 years ago today. It must be serendipity, as I found this recording last week and was going to use it then, but didn’t and decided to save it for today – not even realizing the date.

The WMMR recording of this tune occurred within months of the release of Raitt’s first album, which is quite good in its own right. Raitt has released 19 LPs (including compilation and live albums) and has never recorded this song for commercial release. The WMMR recording becomes a real treat with her rendition of a song made famous by the super group – Blind Faith.

Blind Faith Original

Entire Live Broadcast

This broadcast was taken from the original WMMR broadcast by a former station intern who, under some false pretenses, sneaked back to the station and was able to record the entire show from a reel-to-reel source to a DAT (digital audio tape). The quality of the show is fantastic and gives a glimpse of how good a musician that Bonnie Raitt was back in the early days of her career. Besides Raitt’s performance on guitar, piano, and lead vocals; the show features Dan (Freebo) Freeberg on bass; T.J. Tindle on guitar and harmonica; and John Davis on harmonica.

I have included a YouTube playlist of the entire show.

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