Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cara Dillon: Hill Of Thieves

There are those days when you are not looking for anything special and suddenly there is a rich treasure at your feet. That happened to me about a week ago when I was browsing the limitless offerings via YouTube and I happened upon one Cara Dillon. I was immediately entranced by this Irish vocalist and her Emerald Isle accent. Although this is a late post today, it is much like the old adage: better late than never. The Traditional Tuesday track is the title cut from Cara’s 2009 LP: “Hill of Thieves.”

One of the two songs that were not traditional in origin on this album, “Hill of Thieves” was written by Dillon and her husband and constant musical partner, Sam Lakeman. This song features an excellent performance on Irish whistle by Brian Finnegan - it really makes the song. As the music progresses, a sound reminiscent of a fiddle is slowly rising in volume. While other cuts on the album have fiddle, there is no fiddle present on “Hill of Thieves.” The great imposter here is the Uilleann pipes played by James O’Grady.

While Cara Dillon is new to me, she is not new to the music world and has numerous awards, accolades, and award nominations attributed to her music. I will leave you with another Cara Dillon song, “False False” performed live on the Blackstaff Sessions.

False False

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