Monday, August 16, 2010

Counting Crows: Meet On The Ledge

This weekend Fairport Convention held their annual Cropredy Festival near Banbury in Oxfordshire, England. I would love to go sometime, but doubt if I ever get to the festival let alone to the British Isles. My brother Chuck has attended thrice, but he also has seen Fairport Convention many times stateside. I’ve seen them only once in Pittsburgh in 2006. They are worth seeing.

For our (late) Monday cover, I am featuring Counting Crows rendition of Fairport’s most popular tune: “Meet on the Ledge.” There are a number of covers available on YouTube, but this is best cover I’ve heard thus far. It was recorded live in Wellmont, New Jersey on October 29, 2008. The song was composed by Richard Thompson.

It is my understanding that as the Cropredy Festival was winding down Fairport urged fans worldwide to join in singing “Meet on the Ledge” at 11:45 GMT. I was otherwise occupied at the moment and unavailable to burst out in song, but I was there in spirit. Here’s the original from Fairport’s second album “What We Did on our Holidays” featuring:

Iain Matthews – vocals;
Sandy Denny – vocals and piano;
Richard Thompson – lead guitar;
Simon Nicol – rhythm guitar;
Ashley Hutchings – bass;
Martin Lamble – drums.

Simon Nicol sings lead on the tune which has become their de facto last song of a show. I sang along with everyone else in the house when I saw them in Pittsburgh on June 24, 2006. For my photos of the show see

Fairport Convention on their Acoustic Tour 2006 doing "Meet on the Ledge"

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