Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fludd: Cousin Mary

Ah, it’s Traditional Tuesday and time to head across the border to the Great White North – the home of Fludd. “Cousin Mary” received a minimal amount of airplay this side of the border, but was not an American hit. I remember hearing this single from late 1973 – perhaps on CKLW. It was recorded on Fludd’s 1972 album “Fludd . . . On!”; however, it was not originally slated for release as a single.

Daffodil Records, the band’s label, released three singles from the album in 1972, but only one made the Canadian charts. The band went on to record their third album and when production was delayed, Daffodil released the folksy “Cousin Mary,” which became their second best selling single.

Their biggest hit was the skiffle influenced “Turned 21” from their debut album which peaked in Canada at #16 in 1971. “Cousin Mary” topped the charts at #19 in December 1973. While not their biggest record, is probably their best remembered tune.

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