Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Boxer Rebellion: Caught By The Light

I was watching a rerun episode of NCIS last week and this particular song was played at the burial of recurring character Mike Franks. The Boxer Rebellion’s “Caught by the Light” has a haunting sound that fit perfectly with the context of the scene. See the lyrics below, as the song deals with the transition from this world to the next – fitting for a graveside segment.

Formed in London with an international cast, The Boxer Rebellion features two Englishmen, one Australian, and one American. A number of their tunes have shown up on ten American television shows. It is this type of sound in the alternative/indie music genre that I tend to gravitate toward these days. I think it might be the bass heavy guitar sound I like so much. The genre has so much dark texture that I really like anything in this fashion. “Caught by the Light” comes from their third CD “The Cold Still”


Caught by the light aware but asleep
Never as close as the friends that you keep
Drifting away on one final breath
The further you climb, calm silhouette

And takes you along, long, long, long
And takes you along, long, long, long

Far from a world ailing to live
Far from the wreckage you were left in

And the crossing is over where the righteous remain
In the memory it's deeper, survived by a name
The rest is sufficient, a midnight complaint
Left waiting in silence, left only to sleep

It takes you along, long, long, long
And takes you along

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