Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jeff Beck Group: Definitely Maybe

Tasty Licks Tuesday and we take a trip back to 1972 to the Jeff Beck Group’s self-titled LP for a tasty instrumental called “Definitely Maybe.” While it was the band’s fourth album, it was the second to feature the currently lineup of the Jeff Beck Group. Due to its cover, it is often called “the Orange Album.”  The LP was produced by Memphis legend Steve Cropper.

“Definitely Maybe” features Jeff Beck’s guitar (of course), Clive Chaman on bass, Max Middleton – keyboards, and Cozy Powell on Drums. Only lead vocalist Bobby Tench is missing from this track. Since Tench also played guitar and bass, it is unusual that he wasn’t also secured to play on this cut or the rest of the album for that matter.

Live Version for Television

This live cut from TV shows an overdub of Jeff Beck playing the twin guitar parts.

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