Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Marvelows: I Do

It’s leap day and the last day of our tribute to Black History month. I’ve had fun picking the music this month and it has allowed me to be creative in finding artists and songs – and I managed to do it without playing any Motown music. I’ll make that up later and maybe I’ll do Motown May or something similar.

Today’s one-hit wonder Wednesday selection comes from 1965 and was of only four songs recorded by The Marvelows of Chicago for the ABC-Paramount Record label. While “I Do” did extremely well on the R&B Charts peaking at #7, it only made it to 37 on the Hot 100.

The J. Geils Band Covers

The J. Geils Band twice released a cover of “I Do” as a single. The first version was a studio version on Atlantic from their “Monkey Island” LP and it did not break the Hot 100. For this album, the band rebranded itself as “Geils.”

In 1982, their live album “Showtime” also featured the tune and their newer label, EMI-America, put it out as a single and it did better than the Marvelow’s original on the pop charts peaking at 24.

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