Friday, April 13, 2012

Deep Purple: One More Rainy Day

Although their debut album and single were wildly more popular in North America, Deep Purple would later gain recognition world wide as one of the loudest bands in rock ‘n roll. Released on the short lived Tetragrammaton label, which was partially owned by Bill Cosby, the album and the single “Hush” did quite well for the band and for which they followed up this 1968 #4 release with a successful tour of America.

The album “Shades of Deep Purple” was the label’s second album release and “Hush” was the label’s third single release. Although the “A” side “Hush” written by Joe South helped propel the band into the limelight, the album featured three other covers and four original tunes.

One of the originals written by keyboardist Jon Lord and vocalist Rod Evans, “One More Rainy Day” made its way as the debut single’s “B” side – where it appears today as our Friday Flipside. Like it’s “A” side, “One More Rainy Day” starts with a sound effect.

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