Sunday, April 15, 2012

Second Coming: To A Sleeping Infidel

During late 1980, I received a review copy of the debut album by the group ArkAngel and for a year or two it was one of my favorite albums. One of the cuts on the LP about the second coming is named “To A Sleeping Infidel.” Kemper Crabbe wrote and sung the original and it was my intention to feature his version (and it is posted below); however, I stumbled upon a version by the band Second Coming at I really think their cover does the song justice.

Frankly, I like the vocals and the guitar lead better on this cover than I do the original; however, the production on ArkAngel’s version is much tighter. While the flute performance on the original is slightly better, Second Coming’s flautist does an excellent job in mimicking ArkAngel's flute with only an insignificant flaw that only slightly tarnishes an otherwise great performance. He definitely plays flute better than me.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out anything about Second Coming – so perhaps someone will provide the info.

So, it’s like Certs – is it a breath mint or is it candy. It’s two mints in one. Today, we feature a twofer of “To A Sleeping Infidel.”

Second Coming’s Cover

ArkAngel’s Original

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