Monday, December 24, 2012

Island Records: You Are In My System

Our second Island Records feature is one of many single releases by the late Robert Palmer. Released in 1983, it was a remake of The System’s techno-pop single from the previous year “You are in my System.” I had the chance to play both singles at WCIR in Beckley, WV. While Palmer’s cover did better locally, the single did not on a national basis.

Written by David Frank and Mic Murphy who made up The System, the original version of the tune peaked at #64 on the Hot 100. Palmer’s version, however, only made it to #78. Both singles were promoted by Atlantic Records as Mirage Records (The System’s label) and Island Records were distributed by Atlantic during the early 80s.

The story was different on the dance charts as The System’s original trailed ten points behind Palmer’s remake. The System’s 12” version peaked at #14, while Robert Palmer’s dance mix made it to #4. Personally, I prefer Palmer’s vocal treatment over Murphy’s. Enjoy.

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