Monday, December 17, 2012

Lana Del Rey: Blue Velvet

Several months ago, I noticed the proliferation of a TV commercial for H&M regarding their fall clothing lines. H&M, which at one time had a shoe store in my town, is a Swedish company that happens to be the world’s second largest clothing retailer. Because the commercial was so unusual, it caught my eyes and my ears immediately.

It features Lana Del Rey – a stage name for Elizabeth (Lizzy) Grant doing the Bobby Vinton classic “Blue Velvet.” The song, in its entirety, is found on Del Rey’s 2012 EP “Paradise.” While the version below doesn't feature the video, it is the same music bed found on the EP that was edited for use in the video and commercial.

Full Length Video

The 30 second commercial was constructed from a full length music video that is worth seeing. It features muted tones and some surprises. It is similar to film noir in its presentation – probably better characterized as being neo-noir. Because it is so strange, you will love it.

Commercial Version

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