Monday, February 4, 2013

C2C: Down The Road

This is a little different feature for Reading Between the Grooves, but I caught this tune on Dr. Pepper commercial a few weeks ago and had to find out who did “Down The Road.” The group is C2C from France and they are a quartet of DJs and this is all done with the turntables and no live music.

Take it from me, after 20 years in radio and an additional 10 years as a mobile DJ – this takes as much talent to perfect as it does to be an instrumental virtuoso. It is well beyond my scope of talent.  It makes me wonder if they augmented their turntables with keyboard samplers; however, I cannot find anything that might suggest that option.

“Down the Road” was a number one record in France and it comes from their album Tetra. I couldn’t find out much about the group or the samples with the exception of the main vocal cut which was lifted from an Eddie Cusic track, “You Don’t Have to Go.” I would love to know from whence the harmonica samples emanate.

Some will find this unusual that I like this track, but I absolutely love it. My youngest daughter gives her two thumbs up and she usually hates any music I like – but it is more like her generation and not mine.

Dr. Pepper Commercial

Eddie Cusic: You Don’t Have to Go

It’s hard to believe that this was one of the primary samples used for C2C’s recording, but here it is in all of its original glory at the correct speed.

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