Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chrysalis Records: Pinball

I want to personally thank Ron Richards for today’s selection. I’ve known Ron since grade school and I must give him the proper respect for this suggestion. I had completely forgotten about Brian Protheroe’s near hit from 1974, “Pinball.” The song also inspired me to look at Chrysalis Records as my Fourth Week Label feature.

I categorized this as a near hit, as while it received some radio play in the US, the song only inched up the Hot 100 chart but failed to make it into the Top 40. Additionally, this recording was only a Top 30 hit in Protheroe’s native UK.

While it garnered some album play in 1974, you won’t hear this one on the radio today – which makes it a perfect selection for our Chrysalis Records’ feature. Martin Sutton, the music director for BRMB (Radio Free Birmingham), told Billboard in 1974 that songs like Protheroe’s “Pinball” were too good for radio. He may have had something there. It’s not always what is good that sells – some great music is often overlooked.


  1. Jim, thank you for your kind comment and friendship. You posses such a treasure of musical knowledge and are a blessed spirit.

    1. Thanks so much Ron. You are a treasured friend. I've been glad to reconnect after all of these years.

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