Saturday, September 13, 2014

In Search of Iain Matthews: Home

For our final look at Iain Matthews we head back to 1974 with a country influenced recording from his album “Some Days You Eat the Bear . . . Some Days the Bear Eats You.” Although Matthews recorded ten cuts for this album, he only penned four of the songs including our feature “Home.”

While not chosen as the single, perhaps it should have been. Elektra picked Matthews’ cover of Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work” as the initial single in 1974. While Steely Dan’s version of “Dirty Work” wasn’t released in the US as a single, it received massive amounts of album play. Although Matthews’ version is a respectable rendition, it would be immediately compared to the original and the American public didn’t buy it – figuratively or literally.

The second single for the album was Matthews’ take on the late Danny Whitten’s (formerly of Crazy Horse) “I Don’t Want to Talk About It.” Released in the UK in December of 1975, the single did not capture the attention of the public as did Rod Stewart’s 1977 release of the same song. Again, Matthews’ interpretation was stellar, but it did not chart.

Today, we bypass the singles to an album cut titled “Home.” I can’t tell you who specifically played pedal steel guitar on this cut as the credits list both Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and B.J. Cole on the instrument. The harmonica which is integral to this recording was provided by session musician Joel Tepp. I hope you’ve liked this feature on Iain Matthews and had the opportunity to hear some new music in the process.

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