Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mercury Records: Looking Out For #1

For our Saturday bubbling under selection, we turn to a Bachman-Turner Overdrive single that should have done better on the charts. Unfortunately, 1975’s “Looking out for #1” only charted at #65. I asked my wife if she remembered the song, as she was still in high school when the song was released; however, she didn’t recall this BTO classic.

I remember the song getting airplay in the Huntington, WV market, but she listened to Charleston, WV radio and it apparently wasn’t played much on WKAZ – the Kanawha Valley’s most popular Top 40 station in 1975. It is interesting how much difference 60 miles could make with radio playlists, but such was the case through the mid 1970s. By the 1980s, most US contemporary hit radio stations (as Top 40 would be rebranded) were quite homogeneous.

I really liked this cut because of the guitar work. It reminded me of another BTO recording that peaked in the 60 range – “Blue Collar.” Although “Looking out for #1” peaked at #65, it had a better run on the adult contemporary chart where it reached the #15 slot.

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