Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mercury Records: Things I'd Like To Say

Started as a garage band with an edge, Chicago based New Colony Six chose their name at the height of the British Invasion. It emphasized their American roots being from the new colony and that and they had six members. By 1968, the band shed their colonial based clothing and their edgy sound for pop arrangements. Although their previous fans were disappointed, they were able to garner national exposure with their new sound on Mercury Records.

While they consistently had charting records on WLS and WCFL in Chicago, nationally they were a two hit wonder with “I Always Think about You” and “Things I’d Like to Say.” The latter was their highest charting release with a peak position of #16 on Billboard’s Hot 100, #17 on the Adult Contemporary chart, and #13 on Cashbox.

Co-written lead vocalist and keyboardist Ronnie Rice and bassist Les Kummel, “Thinks I’d Like to Say” has a great string arrangement. In the stereo mix, you can hear Rice’s organ as a counter point to the strings in the opposite channel. His piano is in the center and is center stage at the song’s end. This is one you occasionally hear on oldies radio – what a classic.

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