Tuesday, September 27, 2016

AMPEX Records: We Gotta Get You A Woman

I have a confession to make. The only AMPEX single that I have in my collection of numerous records of all sizes and speeds is today’s feature: Todd Rundgren’s first single. Issued in October 1970, “We Gotta Get You A Woman” wasn’t even released with his name, but rather the pseudonym “Runt.” Some suggest that the name Runt referred to a band that contained Rundgren and brothers Tony and Hunt Sales. Could be, but I have my doubts.

However, further confusion occurs with the title of Rundgren’s first album – the fifth to be released by AMPEX – listed as Runt. In addition, there were two versions of the Runt album issued in 1970: The intended 10 track version and a 12 track version that has alternate takes that was inadvertently released by AMPEX in November 1970.

Adding to this confusion is the title of the song. The original single and the 12-track album lists the song as “We Gotta Get You A Woman”; however, the official album and the Bearsville oldies single has it as “We Got to Get You A Woman.” When Bearsville Productions left AMPEX with their catalog in 1972, the album was reissued on the Bearsville imprint.The Bearsville oldies single lists Todd as the artist and not Runt.

While Tony Sales played bass and percussion and Hunt Sales was on drums and percussion, all of the other instrumentation and vocals were by Todd Rundgren. In addition, Todd wrote the song and produced it as well. “We Gotta Get You A Woman” peaked at #20 and was AMPEX Records’ biggest hit.

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