Monday, September 26, 2016

Seventh Anniversary: Episode 1700

Seven years ago today and 1700 posts ago, I began this blog on a rainy afternoon. Today we celebrate my seventh year along with my 1700th post. This is one of the few times where the year and post anniversary fell on the same day. Before we get into analysis of blog, let’s talk about today’s feature.

In honor of the 1700th post, I selected the hit recording from Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Album 1700.” The name came about as it bore the Warner Brothers catalog number of W-1700. I’m not aware of any other recording that was named in honor of its catalog number. The LP was issued in 1967.

The only hit from the LP, “Leaving on a Jet Plane” was issued two years later. Written and originally recorded by John Denver under the title, “Babe I Hate to Go,” “Leaving on a Jet Plane’ was the biggest and final hit for Peter, Paul, and Mary. It was their only #1 single and was released on the Warners-7 Arts label, as Warner Brothers Records was branded at the time. It peaked at #1 in Canada and at #2 in the UK.

As for the blog, Google Analytics has changed their metrics again and much of the data we had previously reported is no longer available, so I’ll give a scaled down version of what we’ve offered in the past.

The Top Ten Visitor Countries

Since our last analysis, Germany moved from number four to number two displaced the United Kingdom and Canada, which dropped from three to six. In addition, three countries, Brazil, Spain, and the Netherlands, dropped out of the Top 10 and were replaced by Russia, Ukraine, and Japan.

1United States305,028
3United Kingdom38,756

As it has been for some time, September 28, 2010’s post regarding Elliot Murphy’s “Eva Braun” continues to be the most viewed page. Google remains the prime source of driving traffic to the blog. Thanks for your support of Reading Between the Grooves.

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