Friday, October 2, 2009

Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider: Don't Stop Believing

It is another Fun Friday and as usual another interesting tune – that, well, it just happens to make listening to music more enjoyable.  Today’s feature won’t make you laugh, but it is guaranteed to make you smile.  Our feature is the “You Tube Singing Sensation,” Sam Tsui (pronounced Shoo-ee) doing the Journey classic from 1981, “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Actually this is a cover of a cover. It follows the arrangement of the song as done for the Fox TV series, Glee.  So Sam, he is, covers the cast of Glee’s cover of Journey’s top 10 hit.  Take 2 from column A and add 5 from column B for the special today – as five Sams harmonize on this tune – sort of a Sams’ Club of his own.

None of this could be possible without Sam’s childhood friend, Kurt Schneider. Sam and Kurt have been honing there musical and production talents while attending one of the more prestigious universities in the US, Yale.   Sam sings, acts, and writes music; Kurt writes music and scripts, edits and produces video, and has the ability to play numerous instruments. Together they make a great musical combination and it is real synergy with these two.

The five Sams on this tune really look and sound as though they are together singing at the same time.  Something this complicated could only be produced in the digital age as an analog version would definitely degrade with as many generations needing to accomplish this amazing feat.  By the way, all of the instrumentation is by Kurt Schneider.  Both are part of the team that runs Noodle House Studios.

Another great example of their talent features no less than six Sams and one Kurt doing their arrangement of a Michael Jackson medley.

I would have expected these two to be fine arts or at the very least media majors, but their chosen majors have no direct connection to their performance skills.  Kurt is majoring in math while Sam is studying classical Greek.  I would be surprised if these two young men don’t have successful careers at some level in the entertainment industry. They have the drive, originality, and talent to make this happen.

For more about this dynamic duo, see last week’s interview from the Bonnie Hunt Show (aired September 24, 2009). 

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  1. You are awesome. You have a beautiful voice and to be able to merge yourself together on one video is even more beautiful.. The harmony is chilling. Thank you.