Thursday, March 18, 2010

U2: Vertigo

It’s like the old Certs commercial – “it’s two, two mints in one.” Today’s feature, is two, two treats in one. First, it is TV Thursday with a song that has an affinity with the airwaves; and second, its day four of our Irish artist week. The Irish artist is U2 and the song is “Vertigo” which was used by Apple to push their ever popular I-Pod. One, two, three, fourteen – hola.

This song evolved from being a song named “Full Metal Jacket” to “Native Son” and finally the lyrics were rewritten to become “Vertigo.” The song was a number 1 record in Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, the UK, and on the US Hot Modern Rock Chart. It peaked at number 2 in Canada, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. It hit the Top 10 in five other countries and charted at #3 on the US Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and #8 on the US Hot Dance Club Play charts. On the primary US singles chart, the Billboard Hot 100, it only reached 31. I love the guitar work by The Edge on this one. 

Apple’s I-Pod/U2 Cross Promotion

Probably helping the chart action was the edit used by Apple to cross promote the I-Pod and U2’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” CD. Now all Apple needs to do is find a catchy tune by a top artist to promote the I-Pad.

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