Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amazing Blondel: Celestial Light

I remember their name – Amazing Blondel – who could forget a name like this; however, I cannot say that I ever heard their music until my brother sent me this cut about a month ago. Their name came from Blondel de Nesle the court musician of Richard the Lionhearted, who when he found out that his master was imprisoned somewhere on the continent began traveling to every castle in central Europe so that he may find his king and help him escape. The “amazing” adjective was added to be similar to the “Incredible” String Band. This song was performed live in Norway in 2004 and is called “Celestial Light.”

The band consisted of John Gladwin, Eddie Baird, and Terry Wincott. Wincott is the individual playing the unique wind instruments. He starts with a tenor recorder, moves to a crumhorn, and finishes off with what appears to be a bass recorder. I was very pleased with their Renaissance influenced instrumentation on this tune. Also, their vocal harmonies are “amazing” – unlike the Incredible String Band which are not so “incredible.”

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