Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seatrain: Song Of Job

Back a few weeks ago, Greg Rector suggested a song for a Spiritual Sunday selection. I had forgotten about Seatrain – a band that is a cross between folk and fusion. From their second album, “Seatrain” – today’s selection, “Song of Job,” tells the story of the Old Testament character from the poetic book that bears his name. It is a pretty good representation of the story.

Seatrain was an outgrowth from the previous band Blues Project and featured vocalist Jim Roberts, guitarist Peter Rowan, violinist Richard Greene, drummer Larry Atamanuik, keyboardist Lloyd Baskin, and bassist Andy Kulberg. This album was produced by George Martin who produced all of the original Beatles albums except “Let it Be.” I believe this was Martin’s first production assignment after the Beatles. The album was released on Capitol Records in 1970.

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