Thursday, May 27, 2010

Band of Skulls: Light Of Day

Today’s TV Thursday tune is from an Indie/Grunge/Alternative/I Don’t Know What Label to Use/Power Trio: Band of Skulls. When I heard this song, I imagined if the Rolling Stones had started recording in 2009 instead of 1964, they might have sounded like this. “Light of the Morning,” which is currently featured in the new Ford Mustang commercials, comes from the 2009 debut LP, “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey.”

Band of Skulls is made up of Londoners Russell Marsden on guitar and vocals, Emma Richardson on bass and vocals, and Matt Hayward on drums. While they have achieved some critical acclaim, the band and the CD are too new to judge their overall success; however, I expect that if they haven’t generated a sizeable following yet, they will in due time.

2011 Ford Mustang Commercial

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