Monday, June 14, 2010

Bassboosa: Wicked Game

Sorry this was late, I’ve battled with a computer virus all weekend and I have it finally cleaned off my machine – all I have to do is rebuild the permissions so I can open my files as I have been locked out. This is not a terribly difficult thing to accomplish, but it is time consuming and a real nuisance. My daughter had the same virus in February and I had to completely redo her machine.

Fortunately when the attack came through an Apple Quicktime file, I had the presence of mind to shut down and log in under a second account and begin the tedious process of rebuilding my computer file structure. Virus protection did not catch it until the virus launched its relentless attack and it was too late to stop it from replicating itself what seemed to be a hundred times.

It boggles my mind that someone could be so mean and devious to do this someone else. For other folk, I know it costs money to get this type of a problem fixed; however, having some experience with it before and knowing a small amount concerning computing, I was able to fix it myself. The evil bug was set up to mimic actual program files and had installed three fake recycle bins that served to recycle the virus once you deleted the file. The trick was having a second administrator’s account on my machine saved time and money.

In light of this near disaster, it truly was a wicked game someone played on me - an unsuspecting web visitor. So I am back to near normality or as close as normal as I can get. I was thinking about this weekend and it truly was a “Wicked Game.” Chris Isaak had a smash hit (#6) with this tune in 1989, but since this is covers Monday, here’s Bassboosa’s version of the tune using Dobro® rather than the characteristic twang of James Calvin Wilsey electric guitar.

Tim Clarke and Jasmine Badir are Bassboosa and they met while working in a London record store in 2001. By 2002, they were recording and have had a nominal amount of indy success. While I think they do an excellent job on this tune, it is difficult to surpass Isaak’s original. The open two notes played by Wilsey of this song written in the Dorian mode set the stage for everything that comes next. What a great tune.

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