Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soft Cell: Tainted Love

The TV Thursday tune is from the hilarious Levi’s Wide Leg Jeans commercial. While the Soft Cell hit version of the song is not used in the commercial, the performance was based on their 1981 recording. Soft Cell was influenced by the genre of “Northern Soul” – a revival of American soul records from the 1960s that were popular in clubs in northern England. See tomorrow’s post for the inspiration tune.

Even if you don’t like the song, you have to scroll down and watch the commercial. It is one of the best.

While the song quickly rose to number one in England during 1981, it was not released in the US until the following year where it took its time climbing to the #8 position. The song was also released as a 12 inch club single that was a medley with “Where did our Love Go.”

Using Soft Cell’s tune as a foundation, producer Spike Jonze created a dark, but memorable TV ad.

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