Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goldfish: Fort Knox

I happen to love the new Kia Soul commercials with the hamsters – a very interesting concept to say the least. One of the features of these commercials is the ultra hip music by a South African duo named Goldfish. Goldfish creates music with a combination of real instrumentation and samples. Today's song "Fort Knox" appears, however, to be completely electronically constructed. The piano riffs seem very similar; however, I cannot identify the source from where this sample was lifted. Allen Toussaint? Maybe.

I know people are going to comment – “This song is totally out of character with what you normally like.” Perhaps; however, I was into techno pop in the early 80s and this song is just an extension of that style. It also shows that I am very eclectic in my musical choices and usually listen to just about anything – if it’s good – and this is. It has been a while since I’ve fooled with it, but I have experimented with sequencing with my Alesis MIDI sequencer and drum machine as well as creating entire songs from samples with Sony’s Acid Pro software, so I can appreciate creating something from basically nothing.

KIA Soul Commercial

While the car is a little boxy for my taste, the song makes me want to move beyond the rat race (hamster race?). Goldfish is Domenic Peters who plays keyboards and stand up bass and David Poole who adds tenor and soprano saxophones. Both handle production duties and effects.

Guest vocalist Sakhile Moleshe is also credited with co-writing “Fort Knox” with Peters and Poole.

Live Version

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