Monday, November 28, 2011

Baskery: Hole In My Soul

For today’s Mélange Monday, I am revisiting a band from Sweden that I’ve featured twice before. Baskery, which defines definition due to their wide range of musical tastes, contains the three Bondesson sisters: Greta on six string banjo and percussion, Stella on double bass, and Sunniva on guitar. All three sisters sing, but Sunniva handles a greater percentage of the lead vocals.

“Hole in My Soul” showcases not only their harmony prowess but the kicking rhythm of the slapping bass and the percussion. There’s something about this rhythmic treatment that I love. “Hole in My Soul” was recorded live in Germany on March 28, 2009. For only three people, they have a much bigger sound. For other cuts that I featured of Baskery see “Haunt You” and “On a Day Like This.”

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