Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Hellecasters: Rockin' the Dog

I was familiar with the work of Jerry Donahue with Fotheringay and Fairport Convention as well as his guitar instruction videos, but not of his work with the Hellecasters until recently. At the urging of former Monkee Mike Nesmith, three session guitarists from Nashville got together as the Hellecasters for their first release “The Return of the Hellecasters.”

Donahue was joined by fellow session musicians Will Ray and John Jorgenson. Ray, a native of Richmond, VA, has been known to be one of the best Telecaster pickers in the business. Multi-instrumentalist, John Jorgenson, was in the Desert Rose band and has toured with many well known acts.

All three members of the Hellecasters play modified versions of Fender Telecaster guitars. “The Return of Hellecasters” leans to the country side of the spectrum, but there are some straight forward rock cuts on this instrumental CD. The cut “Rockin’ the Dog” showcases their talents well. It is a perfect selection for “Tasty Licks Tuesday.”

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