Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train

It’s TV Thursday and Honda took a classic Ozzy Osbourne song and made an amusing commercial for their Pilot SUV. I’ve been wanted to feature this since I saw the commercial the first time several weeks ago, but a good version of the ad had not yet been posted on YouTube. It is now.

My favorite parts of the commercial are the “Aye – aye – aye” and the kid with the cup doing the mock vibra-slap. Despite a lack of Top 40 action on the single (it didn’t even chart in the Hot 100), it is known by just everyone. The song and Ozzy, however, were embraced by Album Radio where “Crazy Train” peaked in 1981 at #9. Somewhere in my vast collection I have a copy of the single and the promotional picture disc.

Honda Pilot Commercial

Honda Pilot Extended Version

To tell you the truth, I liked the :30 second version better, but seeing the full version gives you an idea how a good editor can take a long version of an ad and squeeze it in :30 seconds.

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