Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue Thumb: Baja Bus

Getting a late start for my Friday post tonight, as it has been a very busy day, but I wanted to get the post in by midnight. Our Friday post from Blue Thumb Records happens to be a flip side from The Butts Band single “Pop-A-Top.” The single failed to chart in the US. The single’s B-side was “Baja Bus” and was written by the band’s guitarist, Robbie Krieger.

Yes, it was that Robbie Krieger and The Butts Band was originally to be a continuation of The Doors, as Krieger, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and drummer John Densmore were in London auditioning several new replacements for the late Jim Morrison. Apparently Manzarek was not pleased with the process, so he left Krieger and Densmore in London.

With Manzarek gone, the two remaining Doors members hired Jess Roden, one of the vocalists that had auditioned to replace Morrison as the bands lead vocalist. Manzarek, who also played the bass parts on a Rhodes Bass keyboard, was replaced by three new members: keyboardists Roy Davies and Mick Weaver and bassist Phil Chen.

The Butts Band name was chosen as the members considered themselves as losers looking for a gig, so they picked a beat up Fender 4X10 Concert amp to represent the band on the cover of their debut album. Today’s selection, “Baja Bus” appears on this release.

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