Friday, November 16, 2012

Electric 12-String: You Were On My Mind

Back in 1965 (there’s that year again), the We Five was inspired by a cut from an Ian and Sylvia album that they decided to record it as the title cut for their first album. The song was “You Were On My Mind” and Sylvia Tyson’s composition proved to be a good selection as it peaked at #3.

Integral to the single’s overall sound was the electric 12-string provided by guitarist Bob Jones. It’s entry into the song starts with jangly chords that evolve to leads. Jones’ technique is not normally found among 12-string artists as he does a bit a string bending – something you don’t normally hear from this double coursed instrument.

Like several of the other artists we’ve featured this week, Jones played a Rickenbacker 360/12 – and you didn’t even have to ask.

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