Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hall & Oates: She's Gone

When I decided on the weekly feature Thursday Repeats and Threepeats back in October, I had forgotten how many of these tunes I’ve already featured in the past – and thus these are unavailable. Although I could repeat the selections, I have not repeated a recording in the 3 ½ years I've been doing this blog.

Last night I was mentally running down a list of songs that fit the category. Some of the ones that came to mind included “Layla,” “Get Together,” and “Solitary Man”; however, as I searched the site, I discovered that I had already featured all three. So, I turned to the bible of hit records, Joel Whitburn’s “Top 40 Hits.” He typically notes when a song was a repeat chart performance. I opened the book and there it was – a repeat – Daryl Hall & John Oates’ “She’s Gone.”

It was really serendipitous to find it on the very first page that I viewed. From the 1973 Atlantic album “Abandoned Luncheonette,” the single was released in 1974 and had a dismal showing first time out by only peaking at #60.

After three albums on Atlantic and no real hits to show for it, the duo had fulfilled their contract and moved on to RCA Records. In 1976, Hall & Oates were seeing some success with their first single release on the label with “Sara Smile,” which was a #4 hit.

Hall & Oates with Ray Harrah, the author, & Will Shumate; 1982

Because of their recent success at RCA, Atlantic reissued “She’s Gone” and it did much better the second time around charting at #7. It was a good move for Atlantic and they probably recouped a bit of their investment. By the way, the killer sax solo was performed by the late Joe Farrell.

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