Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ten Years After: One Of These Days

Continuing to our tribute of the late Alvin Lee who died on Wednesday, I have picked one of my favorite selections from my favorite Ten Years After album. Released in August 1971, “A Space in Time” featured two single releases: “I’d Love to Change the World” and “Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘N Roll You.” I have previously featured both songs as well as the flip to “I’d Love to Change the World,” “Let the Sky Fall.”

One of the songs that got some AOR airplay was an album cut named “One of these Days.” This song has everything – sparseness, effects, and a great jam at the end that features all of the standard instruments of the band and Alvin Lee's harmonica.

Like many of Ten Years After tunes, the song is in the key of E – a great key for guitarists. If my musical theory is correct, it is in the Dorian mode. “One of these Days” is a great tune and a fitting tribute to one of the best guitarists of the rock era, Alvin Lee.

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