Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Steve Hillage: Palm Trees (Love Guitar)

I’ve been going through my massive album collection and reintroducing myself to albums that I have forgotten. In 1978, I purchased a British import album by former Gong guitarist Steve Hillage. Although I was not familiar with Hillage, I purchased the album solely for the reason that it was pressed on green vinyl. The album was appropriately named “Green.”

I don’t believe this LP was released in the US at the time, but I found this record with many of its ethereal and enigmatic passages absolutely wonderful. Hillage contributed vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, and guitar and keyboard synthesizers.

My favorite cut on the LP ends side one and is titled “Palm Trees (Love Guitar).” If the sound on “Green” has a Pink Floyd feel, then you have very astute ears. The album was produced by Floyd drummer Nick Mason. Enjoy.

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