Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Amy LaVere: If Love Was A Train

There several female stand-up bass players out there, but it is always interesting to encounter another one, as it is an unlikely feminine instrument. Not being sexist, it’s just the size of the monster that typically is found in the larger hands of the male of the species. The ladies who have made the acoustic bass their instrument of choice have reveled in it and have made it their own. Amy LaVere is one of those bassists.

From her 2009 EP “Died of Love,” Amy LaVere tackles Michelle Shocked’s “If Love Were A Train” with a rockabilly flair. LaVere’s vocals remind me of Ellen Jewell – they have similar phrasing; however, Jewell’s voice is lower. This is a great little cut and showcases her former lead guitarist Steve Selvidge.

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