Friday, June 14, 2013

Featuring Toots Thielemans: Hello It's Me

I bet you thought that you were going to hear Todd Rundgren on this cut, but alas no harmonica was used on his version of "Hello It's Me" from the 1972 album “Something/Anything?” For that matter, not even the Nazz's original version had harmonica. Today’s live rendition comes from Mark King, the bassist and lead vocalist from Level 42. He achieved his goal of playing live with one of his idols: Toots Thielemans.

Toots outshines himself on this cut, as does King. If you notice, King is not the only individual on stage playing bass. There is another bassist (as if he needs another bassist) handling the rhythm of the bottom end. This freed up King to play more of the role of an accompanist and allowed him to play bass chords and some leads as well. This is a really nice rendition of an old classic.

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