Monday, June 24, 2013

Apple Records: No Matter What

For our second selection in our tribute to Apple Records, we turn to my favorite act on the label outside The Beatles (collectively and individually). Badfinger originally signed to the label as The Iveys and produced one album under that name and would record four albums as Badfinger for Apple.

“No Matter What” appeared on their second Badfinger album, “No Dice.” Several versions of “No Matter What” were recorded; however, the version recorded in April 1970 made it to release in October of the same year.

Mal Evans, the former road manager for The Beatles, produced the record. Evans, like others associated with Badfinger, died a tragic death; however, suicide did not claim his life as it did Band members Pete Ham and Tom Evans (no relation). Mal Evans was killed by Los Angeles police in 1976. He was in a crazed state and was waiving an air rifle. Supposing that Evans had an actual weapon, police shot and killed him.

“No Matter What” was not slated for release until executives at Apple’s New York office requested its issue as a single. It was a good choice, as it was the band’s third most popular single in the US. It peaked at #8 and was only outpaced by “Come and Get It” at #7 and “Day After Day” at #4. The song was authored and sung by the late Pete Ham.


  1. Just discovered your site and am enjoying looking around.

    Thanks for posting about this great band, but one correction...Pete's last name was spelled Ham instead of Hamm.


    1. Thanks for the comments and the correction. I'll fix it. That's what I get for waiting until late in the evening to post.