Monday, February 10, 2014

It Was 50 Years Ago Today: You Don't Own Me

She was just 17 . . . when Lesley Gore recorded her smash hit, “You Don’t Own Me.” While this early tribute to feminine independence had the potential to be a number one record, those pesky "Mop Tops" from Liverpool prevented the song from ever moving past the number two spot. She may have tried harder, but with The Beatles dominating the number one spot for fourteen weeks, it was impossibility for Ms. Gore.

“You Don’t Own Me” was written by John Madera and Dave White. The wonderful arrangement was courtesy of German musician/composer/arranger/conductor Claus Ogerman. Quincy Jones, a Mercury Records’ staffer, produced the disc. The song is noted for its two key changes in its reprise. Gore’s version of “You Don’t Own Me” has appeared in a number of movies including “The Convent,” “The Woods,” and “Hairspray.”

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