Friday, February 28, 2014

Uni Records: My Precious World (The Man)

Jamaican artist Demond Dekker with and without The Aces released three singles on Uni Records in 1969 and 1970. Originally released on Pyramid Records in Dekker’s native Jamaica in 1968, his only hit in America was “Israelites”; it peaked at #9 during the summer of 1969. The flip side, credited to Desmond Dekker and His Aces, had a misidentification as well a different version of the same song that appeared on the original Jamaican 45.

The original “B” side was Beverley’s All Stars’ instrumental “The Man.” This version of the “B” Side was also was released in the UK. In the US, “The Man” was augmented by lyrical content and vocals by Desmond Dekker; however, it is not The Aces who are backing Dekker but rather Beverley’s All Stars. As the lyrics dictate, the title has been amended to become “My Precious World (The Man).” It’s quite a nice soul ballad and I hope you like it.

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